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Seating Plans

Why have a Seating Plan? - Seating Plans bring order into the dining room.

- They give your guests a visual talking point.
- They give your guests direction as to where they will be seated when they enter the dining room.
- They give you control to seat those feuding family members - apart!
- They ensure that couples who should be sat together, are. There's nothing worse than having a spare seat here and a spare seat there and having a couple split up to fill those empty seats.

Above you will see a beautiful Silver Framed Seating Plan.

White card framed by a pink and silver mirrored border with a pink sating ribbon and for that finishing touch, pink flowers with a diamonte centre.

Seating plans can either come unframed or framed and will be tailored to co-ordinate with your stationery.

Prices start from £50.

Don't forget there is no minimum order so if you are only looking for a Seating Plan we are more than happy to produce one for you. Just fill out the contact form or call 07751917504 to discuss your requirements further.

Please see our terms and conditions page for information on delivery times etc.

Please feel free to download our wording examples as a PDF document.

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